Learn To Draw A Joker Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing for kids

Joker Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Drawing for kids

The Drawing For Kids is a beginner drawing tutorial, and kids’ drawing categories include this video. We will watch this video to get a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw the joker. For novices and young children who want to learn how to draw a joker quickly, this website offers the best instructional videos.

You can learn how to draw the joker in stages by following these instructions. Get a lot of videos from our website for all types of sketching and drawing for beginners and kids to pick up rapidly. Keep watching the top videos and tutorials to learn how to draw for kids and novices alike.

Step By Step Joker Drawing For Kids

Stage1 :

  • The joker’s drawing will be covered in the first step. First, we need to create the joker’s forehead. So, we’ll make the joker’s hair. He will now be forced to sculpt the joker’s head. Create the joker’s ear form as well. After that, we’ll sketch the joker’s face’s outline. Create the curved line for the joker’s chick and chin. Make the tie’s head as well.

Stage 2:

  • In this step, we’ll continue to refine our joker-drawing sketch. We’ll now create the joker’s body shape. To make the joker’s weskit, we must complete the joker’s cloth. The weskit’s button will then be created. After that, we’ll create the joker’s coat’s shape.
  • Additionally, we’ll sketch the joker’s arm before crafting his hand. We will now create the joker’s coat’s other left shape. Further, we’ll draw the joker’s left arm before making his left hand.

Stage 3:

  • In this step, we’ll continue to refine our joker-drawing sketch. We will now create the joker’s lower half. Making the left leg of the joker and the pentagram will come first. The joker’s other leg and the shoe will then be created. The ball will then be made and placed in the joker’s left hand after that. Make the joker’s hairs as well. Create the hair shapes and draw lines through them.

Stage 4:

  • In this step, we’ll focus on the joker’s face and learn how to draw a joker. We will now create the joker’s eyebrow form. After the joker’s eyes are finished, the joker’s nose will be made. We shall next create the joker’s mouth after this. With the marker, we will now draw the black lines.

Stage 5:

  • In this step, we’ll work on the joker’s colors. We’ll start by adding the yellow color to the joker’s weskit. Following that, we will add the red color to the joker’s coat, arm, and other side of the garment. The joker’s curler will now have green paint applied, followed by red paint applied to the joker’s pent and ball. The joker’s face and hair will next be colored in, completing the sketch of this fascinating character.
  • We have a drawing of how to draw the joker in this tutorial. We must learn how to sketch and draw the joker in this video. With the help of this video tutorial, children and beginners may learn the joker drawing quickly. We sincerely hope you enjoy our website, video, and skill-learning sessions. An excellent website for drawing ideas offers a variety of tutorials that will help you learn and develop a skill in a straightforward step—watching the video will teach you how to make various sketches and how to draw a joker rapidly.

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